The year before I got into real estate investing, I was making sandwiches for $10 dollars an hour. Every night, I would come home from work with soggy clothes from all the oil and vinegar I had been putting on Italian subs.

The combination of going to college full time and working 25+ hours a week was taking a mental and physical toll on me. I wholeheartedly believed there had to be a more efficient way to use my time instead of trading it for $10/hr.

This led me to find Real Estate Investing...
So, What The Heck Is A Buyers List?!  

A Buyers List consists of the buyer contacts you have found, so that when you have a property under contract below market value, you can give them an call/email and see if they are interested in purchasing the property. These buyers are investors who are looking to purchase your wholesale to renovate, and then sell for a profit. Or your buyers may be someone who is just looking to purchase the property to live in or rent out to someone.
Once you have locked up your first property under contract and you are now ready to market to your Buyers List! Since you have attended Local REIAs (Real Estate Investing Associations) like SDCIA (San Diego Creative Investors Association) and NSDREIA (North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association), you have now built and successfully logged buyers who want wholesale deals.  

Marketing your wholesale real estate deal is simple because you will only need to utilize phone and email.